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Lana MacLean MSW, RSW is a Halifax-based social work clinician who provides comprehensive mental health counselling to individual, youth and families. Lana has also worked as a consultant within the African Nova Scotian community on issues of parenting, substance abuse, and prevention based initiatives on issues affecting the lives of adolescents. Lana is committed to offering individualized, creative, flexible and personalized interventions that focus on clients’ specific issues and concerns. Lana feels strongly that: "One size does not fit all". Rather, she endeavors to customize an approach that responds to the problem at hand while enhancing the culturally competency of the client and providing relevant services which promotes client self determination and growth. 

Lana believes strongly in the principles of ethical social work practice and she has integrated Africentric principles into her practice. Lana has a reputation for compassion yet clear professionalism within the boundaries of a therapeutic relationship. Lana knows that often the decision to reach out for assistance, whether self directed or mandated is not easy. Simply put, Lana views counselling as an opportunity to engage in change with support and direction from a competent professional. "Change is not easy but at times necessary. "

Contact Information

Lana MacLean, MSW, RSW
77 Grindstone Dr.
Halifax NS B3R 0A5

Telephone: 902-223-4906

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